The goal of this program is to develop strength and practice the movements necessary for great snatch, clean and jerk technique. It’s intended for novice level athletes with a basic level of experience with the snatch, clean and jerk.

This program is primarily focused on building a solid base of raw and positional strength as well as practicing the positions and timing needed for proper weightlifting technique. We’ll start off with lots of position work in squats and technique work for the Olympic lifts, then gradually progress towards heavier, full snatches, cleans and jerks from the floor.

Everyday you’ll start with a barbell warm-up to prepare your body for the training. Don’t skip the barbell warm-up! General warm-ups and cooldowns are on your own. You’ll train 3 non-consecutive days per week. Plan to train for 90 minutes each day.

At the end of the 8 weeks, you should be fully confident and ready to test you 1 rep max snatch, clean and jerk in a competition so start looking for a meet in your area!