This short term program is to take you from 7 weeks away from the open all the way through then end of the open.  This program is designed for someone relatively competitive.  Top 500m in the region for sure.  The goal of this program is to maintain strength, build/peak the anaerobic system and peak the aerobic system.  This program will help you taper your training designed around the open being performed on Friday each week.  You will start “practicing” open style workouts on Friday’s from the beginning so your body gets used to that.  This program is a decent amount of volume depending on what type of program you are coming from.  It’s structure is designed to give you a lot of touches on the movements that are commonly performed during the open without accumulating any overuse injuries during this time.  The last 5 weeks have space for the Open wod to be performed on Friday with the final week being a slight deload.  After that last Open wod is performed, we suggest taking an absolute minimum of 1 week completely off and out of the gym for recovery.

  • Zone 1 (Z1): easy, conversational effort
  • Zone 2 (Z2): just above Zone 1, around 120-150 BPM